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Some of Nutracoach's Services

Initial Consultation
This consultation includes tailor-made diet and
lifestyle program.
$100 per person
$170 per couple

Kitchen Cupboard Program

A detox for your cupboard and refrigerator, this includes
explanations as to why certain foods should be avoided
and we will shop with you so that you can be confident
your house is stocked with nutritious foods and/or
supplements that suit your needs.
$65/per hour

Nutritional Cooking Classes

Learn how to make delicious, nutritious foods your whole
family will enjoy. These classes can be conducted in your
home. Our chef will show you the tricks to making foods
taste delicious without added fat, salt, or sugar.
Kids are welcome to join in the fun.
plus expenses

One-on-one Fitness Training

Learn how to move your body and maximize the effect of
your healthy eating habits.

Disease/Illness Specific Program

This program includes all of the above services with
holistic research and a continued program based on
your specific ailment.
Price will vary

Corporate Seminar

This seminar includes tips on diet and the latest research in
nutrition and health, with an emphasis on: the working
professional’s lifestyle, increasing professional productivity
and attaining personal goals for health.
Food demonstrations optional.
Price will vary

Early Advantage Track (ages K-12)

This series of four half-hour lessons are a hands-on approach
to learning about food. Our nutritionally trained chef, along
with his unicycle and food demonstrations, encourages better
choices in eating in a light and fun way. Our instructor has
worked with teachers and educators to design lessons to help
kids make informed decisions about food.
Assessment optional.
Price will vary


We are required by law to inform you that you must seek
approval from a medical doctor before beginning any
new exercise or lifestyle program

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